Friday, 22 August 2014

Visit the Famous Places in Istanbul

Millions of tourists come to this city every year to enjoy their vacation. Istanbul has a very ancient history and rich tradition and culture. There are many hills in Istanbul and Camlica is the highest hill.

Bosphorus Bridge is a fascinating sight in Istanbul. This city still preserves its past while looking to the future. Istanbul is a place where you will find people of different cultures and traditions all around you; they live their life happily in peace and harmony. There is a museum called Ayasofya known as Hagia Sophia, which has gone through many phases to be called a museum in year 1935, it lis a very important structure for both Christian and Islam.

This city also has some of the famous palaces in the country. Palace like Topkapi, where not only the Sultan Ottoman lived but, it also was a center for education, another monument is a Leandros Tower which is a very beautiful structure; it was build 2500 years ago. There are various legends regarding the construction of this tower.

Sultan, named Fatih Mehmet was among the most important Ottoman Sultan and hence the bridge was named after him. The Dolmabahce Palace which means filled garden in local language is located on Bosphorus Strait; this palace was built in 1856 and took 13 years to get completed. Ataturk Bridge is the other bridge which is most famous.

Grand Bazaar which has more than 50 streets and over 5000 shops and the visiting tourist number’s reaches up to 400000 daily. You can see people buying designer carpets, spices, different fruits and foods and jewelries and flower vessels for decorating their homes. Hand painted portraits can also be found here.

This bazaar has been the major spot since early era for trading. To witness all this amazing and exciting places there are various customized holiday to turkey for those who are planning to have a fantastic holiday in here under controlled budget.

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