Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Beldibi Cave Of Antalya

Beldibi hollow is spotted on the Antalya – Kemer roadway on the feet of Beydagi. It is around 25 km from Antalya and 100 m from the shore. Hollow is at the base of the limestone rocks stretching out into the ocean having a height of 25 m. It is involved 2 segments. It demonstrates that Beldibi Cave had been utilized since the Paleolithic Age, yet the most lovely discoveries of the hollow has a place with the Mesolithic Age.

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On the Cave's dividers the adapted pictures were found, alongside the little stone and bone cut devices having a place with the same period, that is to 15000 prior years. 50000years back while the pictures of the human of the Paleolithic Age were made with a practical perspective, 15000 years prior the pictures made in Mesolithic Age were adapted.

Among the pictures in this hollow which were made with manganese oxide colors and regular iron are the figures of the chamois and the scenes of chasing, a figure, made of a loop, delineating the mother goddess partitioned into four segments with specks, and the figures of human or performer adapted with the cross shape.

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