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Tatlarin Underground City

Tatlarin underground city, which was a standout amongst the most critical underground urban communities of the Cappadocia locale, could just be found in 1975 in light of the fact that its unique door had fell and had gone underground to be opened to the visits of sightseers in 1991. The can in it exhibits that toilets were generally utilized as a part of Anatolia around 3000 years back. There are numerous nourishment stockpiling ranges and places of worship inside it.

It is accepted to have been utilized as an inside for religious or military purposes according to the extensive size of its rooms. Just two stories of the Tatlarin underground city which has spread over a really vast region can be gone to right now, however works keep on openning alternate floors to visits also. In spite of the fact that there is an expansive number of houses of worship around and inside the Tatlarin underground city which is close to the Acýgöl locale of the Nevþehir territory a significant piece of them have gave way because of common reasons.

The Tatlarin underground city is entered through a way that is give or take 15 meters in length, and the passage path opens to a generally huge corridor. There is a sliding stone which has the motivation behind fixing off the passage in the occasion of an adversary assault. This sliding stone which could just be opened from within was utilized as an instrument of safeguard against creatures and adversaries.

Three skeletons were found in the area heading downwards from the right half of the lobby. The kitchen found on the right half of the corridor incites the thought that this segment was utilized as a cemetery as a part of the Roman period and as a kitchen in the Byzantine period. That is so on the grounds that the entombment puts in which the skeletons were found are indistinguishable with the internment spots utilized as a part of the Roman period. Notwithstanding, the inner part some piece of the entombment spots were profoundly cut out later to put sustenance supplies in them.

This vast corridor at the passage is associated with a second extensive region with a crisscrossing hallway. There is a trap and a sliding stone against gatecrashers. There is a steady and five sustenance supply stockpiles cut into the floor in this second area which is backed by solid segments. Also in the roof there is a ventilation well which gives access to alternate parts of the city.

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