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The Severan Bridge, Turkey

The Severan Bridge (otherwise called Chabinas Bridge or Cendere Bridge or Septimius Severus Bridge; Turkish: Cendere Köprüsü is a late aged Roman extension found close to the old city of Arsameia today's Eskikale, 55 km north east of Adıyaman in southeastern Turkey. It compasses Cendere Çayı (Chabinas Creek), a tributary of Kâhta Creek on the common street 02-03 from Kâhta to Sincik in Adıyaman Province.

The extension is developed of 92 stones, each one weighing around 10 tons as a straightforward, unadorned, single great curve on two rocks at the narrowest purpose of the river. At 34.2 m (112 ft) clear compass, the structure is conceivably the second biggest surviving curve connect by the Romans. It is 120 m (390 ft) long and 7 m (23 ft) wide.

The scaffold was assembled by four Commagenean urban communities out of appreciation for the Roman Emperor Lucius Septimius Severus (193–211), his second wife Julia Domna, and their children Caracalla and Publius Septimius Geta as exuding from an engraving in Latin on the extension. The Legio XVI Gallica, garrisoned in the aged city of Samosata (today Samsat) to start a war with Parthia built the scaffold.

There were initially four Corinthian segments on the extension, two sections on the Kâhta side committed to Septimius Severus himself and his wife, and two more segments on the Sincik side devoted to Caracalla and Geta, all in 9–10 m in stature. On the other hand, the segment of Geta was evacuated after his death by his sibling Caracalla, who cursed Geta's memory and requested his name to be expelled from all engravings.

The Severan Bridge is arranged inside a standout amongst the most vital national stops in Turkey, which contains Nemrut Dağı with the popular stays of Commagene development on top, pronounced as World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. In 1997, the extension was restored. Vehicles up to 5 tons just were permitted to ignore the extension. The scaffold is presently shut to vehicles, and another street span has been fabricated 500 m (550 yd) east of the old bridge.

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